When Craig and I made our own paint in 1989 to revamp our old kitchen cabinets, we had no idea what would later happen. What started as a humble weekend project, has now created us with a demand and is growing.

Thanks to so much amazing feedback and support from our family, friends, our stockists and our customers, our little weekend adventure many years ago has now become our our Great British Potters Paints adventure!.

Now running the business together we  and our customers constantly dream of ways of making the places we live and work in more creative, more sustainable, and more consciously aware of the choices we make individually, and how those choices will impact and benefit our future generations.

It has to be something we our stockists and our customers could ALL be proud of!

To have such an amazing and multi-functional product that we create by hand in small batches, a product that not only everyone seems to want and need, but is also environmentally friendly and helps us to reduce waste.

We feel so strongly, that it is all of our responsibilities to embrace more sustainable choices to ensure a healthier planet for ourselves and future generations.

Thanks to your support, Great British, Potters Paints, will soon be found in a growing number of independent retailer shops, Online and homes around the UK.

Thank you all so much for your support!

Much Creative Love